BMIWeb v5.1.1.19

  Release Notes

Bugs Fixed

  • [WEB-102] – When do Invalid search and click picklist, no message comes up saying No Records Found
  • [WEB-103] – Invalid page range for printing does not give message or recover from attempting to print
  • [WEB-132] – BMIWeb always looks at leadtools services over http; needs to be configurable for https.
  • [WEB-177] – I get an error page when I try to log in with invalid credentials.
  • [WEB-212] – Upload to web getting —> Maximum request length exceeded error.
  • [WEB-213] – Getting Unable to cast object error when UTMB using Windows Authentication on BMIWeb
  • [WEB-35] – PDF with the name that has the character # does not display
  • [WEB-147] – Special characters causing problems in html5 version of web

Enhancements Added

  • [WEB-39] – Use overlay in BMIWeb
  • [WEB-44] – Need to handle “-” in a date instead of “/” on web page itself, and through getpdf.aspx
  • [WEB-45] – Display a “/” in date fields in BMIWeb
  • [WEB-59] – View an image
  • [WEB-61] – Navigate documents
  • [WEB-62] – Rubberband zoom
  • [WEB-64] – Right click fit to window
  • [WEB-65] – Use query tokens to limit a user’s search capability
  • [WEB-68] – Allow creation of large PDF packages¬†(200+ images)
  • [WEB-70] – Turn off annotations in BmiPdf
  • [WEB-71] – Change to MVC architecture
  • [WEB-74] – Remove Email button and functionality.
  • [WEB-76] – Integrate and create Thumbnail Control
  • [WEB-78] – Support existing BMI Web security
  • [WEB-79] – Token URL parameter
  • [WEB-81] – Implement Page Range for Print and Email
  • [WEB-85] – Support PDF files using PDF viewer
  • [WEB-107] – Web.config switch to turn on/off “Enter” brings up Picklist
  • [WEB-110] – Sort Picklist by clicking on the Header when viewing the Picklist
  • [WEB-121] – Create a powershell install script for BMI Web
  • [WEB-152] – Launch print dialog box automatically when printing in BMIWeb
  • [WEB-163] – Use ENTER for GoToPage/Document
  • [WEB-180] – Select all Documents Checkbox
  • [WEB-195] – Remember user credentials between sessions
  • [WEB-196] – Add security to web service