Main Menu – Toolbar



This is the Main Menu, or Toolbar. The most frequently used functions of BMIWeb have been placed here. On this page you can click on any image to view a larger version.

This is the Documents Navigation control. Click LEFT to go to the PREVIOUS document. Click RIGHT to go to the NEXT document. If you’d like to JUMP to a specific document, type the document number in the text field and hit ENTER.
This is the Pages Navigation control. Click UP to go to the PREVIOUS page. Click DOWN to go to the NEXT page. If you’d like to JUMP to a specific page, type the pagenumber in the text field and hit ENTER.
This is the View Mode control. You can choose to view pages in SINGLE-PAGE mode or in SCROLLING-PAGE mode. Scrolling-Page mode allows you to, well, scroll through pages instead of clicking through pages.
This is the Mouse Mode control. By default, your mouse allows you to grab the page to move (if in page-scrolling mode). You can also choose the dashed-box button to switch into RUBBER BAND ZOOM, which allows you to click & drag over your image to zoom in on a section.

This is the Zoom control. Click the PLUS sign to zoom IN. Click the MINUS sign to zoom OUT. You can also choose from the DROPDOWN list of preset zoom levels.
This is the Rotate control. Click either button to rotate the image 90 degrees.