Within Ventures, select the loan you wish to open. The loan can be selected from “My Recently Opened Loans”. It can also be searched from within the “Loans” tab.

Click "Documents"
Loading screen

Once the loan has been selected, click “Documents”. This button is found in the left hand side menu (pictured adjacent).




Allow documents to load.

Once the documents have loaded, click the “Store” tab. This tab is located at the top of the documents list. It is the tab next to the “Generate” tab (pictured adjacent).












Next, allow syncing with document server to occur. A pop-up message will appear such as the one pictured.

Finally, select the “BMI Web” tab. This tab allows you to view documents within BMI Web. It will open a direct window to your BMI Web account.

Once the window opens, the BMI log in screen will appear. Log in using your email and password. Check the “Remember Me” box to ensure that your log in information is saved. This will make logging in quick and easy in the future.

As shown above, files can be check boxed individually. Push the green “View” button, located at the bottom right hand corner, in order to open checked files.

After logging in, BMI’s web interface will appear. This interface has several different tabs placed at the top of the page. Each tab can be toggled through to direct the user to different screens (the default screen shows the “All Documents” tab opened). These tabs have been designed to keep organization a top priority. They allow for quick ease of access and true compliance.

The “All Documents” tab shows a compilation of all documents. The “Application”, “Closing”, and “Servicing”, tabs are available to show different stages of each deal. The “Add Files” tab can be used to add files via upload, or drag and drop.

Select a file to be uploaded. The Category and Doc Type can be assigned. The “Category” and “Doc Type” drop down lists can be edited according to individual filing systems used. Once the lists are implemented company-wide compliance is ensured.

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