Processing Loans


LoanApp Administratorss and Processors can process loans

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps to review and process loans

  1. Login to your LoanApp website (i.e. –
  2. If the Processing page is not displayed, click on Processing at the top of your screen.
  3. Click the loan that you want to work on
Application Summary

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Loan Dashboard:

There are 4 sections to the Loan Dashboard each section will be outlined below

Loan Dashboard

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Application Information:

  1. This Section allows you to update status and communicate with Borrower
    1. The Current Status Options are
    • In Progress (Borrower has started application but hasn’t submitted it)
    • Submitted
    • Under Review
    • Returned
    • Accepted
  2. Add  Notes for Borrower
    • This box can be used for communicating back to the borrower, example you can add a note for the to update the project costs
  3. Save Changes
    • If you add a note or change the status make sure to click save changes for the changes to happen, when you click the button the borrower will be notified of any changes that occured.
  4. Special Note
    • When the status is Submitted or Under Review the borrower cannot make changes to the application. If they need to make changes set it back to In Progress or Returned


  • View Summary
    • From here you can review the information that has been submitted, you can even print a copy of the application if desired
  • View Documents
    • This will bring you the the document checklist where you can review what documents have been uploaded
  • Submit to Ventures (only visible to Ventures clients)
    • Once the application is complete you will click this button to send all the data into Ventures
  • Export Data
    • Once the application is complete you will click this button to download all the data into LMS
    • Contact your account manager for more detailed instructions
  • Export Package
    • This will download all the documents that the borrower has uploaded to your computer
  • Delete Application
    • This will permanently delete the application, this cannot be undone.

Assigned Processor:

  1. You can assign a processor form the dropdown list.
    • This person will receive notifications as changes occur
  2. Save Changes
    • If you change the processor make sure to hit save changes for the changes to take effect

Entity Information:

  • This is a quick glance of contact information for the borrower