To edit a list, click the Edit List button on the checklist page.


This will open the Edit View as seen below:


From here you have 3 options…

Add Item


To add an item to the checklist, click the Add Item Button as displayed above. You will see the Add Item dialog box. Choose the Details for the item you want to add and click Add.


Edit or Delete Item


To edit an item on the checklist, click the edit button on the line item you want to edit. You will then see the Edit Item dialog box. Make the necessary changes in the dialog box and click Save. To delete, simply click the red x button.


Apply Template


To apply a template to the checklist, click the Apply Template button at the top. You will see the Apply Template dialog box appear. Choose the template you want to apply. By default the template will be added to the existing checklist. If you would like to override the exiting checklist instead; make sure to click the check-box at the bottom before clicking apply.


Done Editing


When you are finished, simply click the Done Editing button to exit the edit view.

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