Request Documents


When starting a document upload request, you will notice it filters out all items on the checklist that have been received (this is done by default). You will see “No” on the left column, under received.

To make every item in the checklist available click the check box on the right of the screen under “Filters”.

Search is used to look for any checklist item. Type in the box labeled “Search” on the right side of the screen.

To send an upload request for all checklist items that are visible in the window, you can click the blue “Add Visible” button on the right of the screen. Clicking this button will highlight all items in the checklist. They will also be listed in the Selected Items box.

Remove Visible is used to remove all items (from the upload request) currently visible in the window. This will remove those items from the Selected Items box as well. In addition, it will change the item back to white.

The “Selected Items” box is used to review which items have been selected for the upload request. Whenever an item is selected it will appear in the selected items box.

This image illustrates what it looks like as items are selected in the checklist.

Notification Email is used to identify which user should be alerted when documents are uploaded in the upload request.

When the “Generate Email” button is clicked the following message appears: (See image reference).

The “Copy URL” button will copy the URL to your clipboard so that you can paste (ctrl+v) it into an email conversation.
The Hyperlink text “launch it in your email client” will launch your email client (outlook) with the email already composed.
The “Copy Email Text” button will copy the text, visible in the box above, to your clipboard allowing you to paste it into an email.
Lastly, click “Done” when you are finished.